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Are you looking for replacement car remote? If you are fed up with the traditional auto key, you should take advantage of our offer. You can purchase brand new or used, original manufacturer keyless entry remotes at discount prices. We offer a wide variety of replacement OEM key fobs and keys at a fraction of a dealer price. So, you don’t have to be concerned about paying an arm and a leg at your dealership if you lose your smart keys or fobs. Simply get your new replacement key from us and save big on your order.

Why should you choose us? Plenty of reasons. We have been in business since 2003, and all we do is car keys and car remote transmitters. We know our business and have customer service reps ready to help and great online reviews. But the most importantly we offer same OEM factory remotes as your local dealer, at low prices. On our website, you’ll find a selection of wireless key fobs and factory alarms for almost all car models. No minimum order. Keyless remotes and smart keys for cars are what we do.

The latest model car is equipped with security system, which requires a transponder or chip key in order to start the vehicle. Those car keys can be expensive at a local dealership, but now you can purchase your replacement car key online from us with a saving of more than 50% OFF dealer prices. Both master keys and valet key all include the chip. Ignition keys must be cut to fit the locks of your car and programmed so that you can start the engine. Purchase your replacement car key from us.


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Do you have a keyless entry remote for your vehicle? If so, are you concerned about the possibility of breaking the key fob for your car or truck? If you answered yes to either question, are you aware that repairing or replacing a keyless entry fob can cost you hundreds of dollars? This is why every car and truck owner should get a remote cover. This small investment could be the difference in paying hundreds of dollars in repair costs. We also offer replacement keys, key rings, replacement batteries and other car remote accessories.

Remotes and Transponder Chip keys explained:
Most people have experience with small remote controls on their car’s key ring, which allows for a quick and convenient entry into their car. Such common remotes serve to unlock car doors, open trunks and even provide panic alarms in which the vehicle’s horn will sound repeatedly in the event of an emergency situation, or even help a driver find their own car in a crowded parking lot. Such remote controls, by the technical term, are called fob cases. Fob cases, as with any kind of tool or device, are subject to common wear and tear over time. An individual may find that their remote stops operating as expected, or the case containing the technological insides of the device has become damaged. People should be aware that they might not necessarily have to replace their particular device in the event that anything regarding its operation changes. Someone may drop his or her remote and find that it’s protective covering has become cracked, or otherwise broken. As opposed to buying an all-new case, it is possible to purchase, for far less cost, a replacement fob cover. What is of value is the computer chip/machine operating inside the case, not the case itself.
Sometimes fob cases cease to work as they are expected to. A common reason for this is because the computer chips/machines that are inside of the unit’s casing, as with most machines, are powered and energized by an outside source, i.e. fueled. The remote operates on battery power, and instead of seeking to purchase an all-new unit (which would indeed prove costly) an individual may simply pry the case apart and replace the battery as needed. Doing so will save any savvy consumer quite a bit of money over time, as it is generally far better to maintain what one already has, instead of buying into a societal norm of disposable consumerism. It is very simple to maintain a fob case remote control, even in the event that a person’s case is missing some of the buttons. It is just as easy to replace the buttons themselves, rendering it unnecessary to purchase a whole new functional unit. Also, car systems are generally programmed to specific remote controls, so that one remote operates on one car, but not any other cars. In this way, the devices are specific and tailored to particular individual vehicles. The cost of seeking to purchase an all-new case will, of course, include the cost of having your car reprogrammed. It is also pleased to note that these cases can be customized, and individualized with great ease, making them distinctive and easy to recognize. However, if someone does try to maintain and repair their fob case and they find that it still will not work, a replacement may be necessary and unavoidable. In this instance, if they have purchased additional parts in attempts to fix a fob case, they might want to put aside those additional replacement parts for use in the future.

Our Mission

Our corporate mission is very simple. We want to be able to save you money on your replacement car remotes, car keys and related accessories and parts.

Mr. Mariusz Sobanski, company founder and president, used to be in a the car sales business. He realized that most of his customers were purchasing cars that were simply a couple of years old. These customers were really unhappy to learn that they would usually be getting just only one key (or a couple of keys) and no remotes. They usually got even more upset to learn that it would cost them a few hundred dollars to replace missing keys or remotes. “There’s got to be a better way”, he thought. That’s how it started. We simply started buying remotes wholesale, overstock from shops, dealers, auction houses and everyone that wanted to sell the remotes in lots and for cheap. Since we get these remotes for less, we do not have to stick to dealer list price, therefore, we can sell the remotes for less.

Great Prices:

We all expect to get a good deal when we buy something. How come it never applies to getting service or parts at your local dealership?

The internet has changed how we shop for apparel, electronics, travel and more. Now, you can buy parts for your keyless entry system, automobile security system and ignition system for less (a huge discount compared to your local dealer).

In addtion to that most dealers claim they must program your remote and charge an arm an a leg for this. The truth is – most remotes come with do it yourself, free programming instructions and you do not have to pay a dime to your local dealer. So, not only you save on the part, buy you also do not have to pay for service. How great is this?

Just compare our price on your replacement car remote, with the price of your local dealership!