EMP Protocol

Wired Magazine says there’s a 12% chance the Sun will blast a Coronal Mass Ejection (or CME) at 300 miles per second towards Earth by 20201, so it’s mathematically certain to happen in the very near future.

A Space Weather study quoted by Gizmodo2 estimates it would cost the US $41.5bn / day, and it would take months if not years for the power grid to be replaced and for things to get back to some sort of normal.

Given that it produces an average of 3 CMEs EVERY SINGLE DAY3the Sun is nothing but a ticking time bomb waiting to “explode”destroy the grid and any device that’s plugged in, and ultimately paralyze society

Then you’ve got nations such as Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, playing with high-altitude HEMP bombs, which can be even MORE devastating, because they can even fry electronics that are NOT connected to the grid, such as phones and flashlights. In fact, Russia sold such devices to North Korea in 2014 4 5.

If you’re still skeptical about N. Korea’s abilities, keep in mind that they now have TWO satellites orbiting the Earth at low altitude, the KMS-3 launched in 2012 and the KMS-4 launched in 2016.6

…and guess what? They both hover OVER the United States7!




People will be hungry and scared, turning against their fellow men in desperate attempts to feed their families. Looting will be the new national sport, and disease the new biggest killer… That’s when the real “fun” starts…

Law enforcement will be paralyzed and unable to communicate to keep things under control. Gangs will take over neighborhoods and turn them into no-go zones… People will end up eating dogs and cats, just like they’ve been doing in Venezuela in recent years after the collapse.

The aging US power grid is hit every FOUR DAYS on average by either a cyber or a physical ATTACK9… 225,000 Ukrainian households were left in the dark in 2015, after the power grid was hacked10.




It’s actually pretty easy… and certainly not expensive. All you need is this one weird box you can make at home called a “Faraday cage”.

The 3 layers of EMP preparedness are:

Layer #1: Faraday shields

Layer #2: living without electricity

and Layer #3: free energy FOREVER…


EMP Protocol Offers:

● Step-by-step videos and pictures on how to make these 3 Faraday boxes types that will protect your devices against even the strongest EMP.

● What to do the moment an EMP happens?

● 12 electronics you need to salvage in Faraday cages.

How to hide the fact that you have electricity…

● How to prepare your vehicle for an EMP.

● How to make bug out bags, get home bags and everyday carry kits for you and your family.

● How to bug out on foot.

Last but not least, we’re going to have a conversation about how to survive without electricity in the long hard years following an EMP event.

Now to make you feel you will be in front of everyone we added these amazing bonuses to the program, that you’ll get 100% free.

Bonus #1 is titled Getting Home When SHTF.

Bonus #2 is called Barter for Your Life

Bonus #3… I call it How to Prep under the Radar

The last two bonuses are straight and to the point… They’re lists of things to do or buy for emergencies.

So there you have it… A complete EMP program with 5 actionable bonuses that will get you ready for pretty much any disaster and emergency. So what are you waiting for, get your family prepared now!




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